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On 18th of September 2017, Kingswin Online OÜ has approved the following rules of the portal.

Estonian company Kingswin Online OÜ (registry code 11535738), registered office at Tartu mnt 50-10, Tallinn (hereinafter KWO), organises gambling via the www. website (hereinafter the or Website) bearing the estcasino trademark.

The gambling organised by KWO on the Website includes casino games whereby bets are accepted from and winnings are paid to players via telecommunications.

On 7th of August 2012, the Tax and Customs Board issued activity licence no. HKT000017 to KWO, granting it the right to organise games of chance. On 15th of February 2013, the Tax and Customs Board has issued activity licence no. HKL000126 to KWO, granting it the right to organise games of chance by way of remote gambling.


Quickfire casino games shall mean web-based casino style games offered by Kingswin Online OÜ and powered by Microgaming Networks.

The Quickfire Games offered on the respective channel of estcasino website are operated by Kingswin Online OÜ utilizing software licensed by Microgaming Networks.

Provision of the Quickfire Games is a stand-alone service that is provided under the Kingswin Online OÜ gaming license and is regulated by that Authority.

Quickfire Games are provided by Oakwood Limited, with its administrative address La Corvee House, La Corvee, Alderney, Channel Islands, GY9 3TQ.



1. General requirements

1.1. Upon opening a gambling account in the portal (hereinafter a/the account or an/the account), the Customer must consent to these gambling rules (hereinafter the Rules), including any guidelines or rules applicable to our services or offers published on which guidelines and rules are hereby incorporated into these Rules, and adhere to them. The Customer’s duty is to know and adhere to the Rules. By opening an account and thus accepting the Rules, the customer and KWO are considered to have entered into a contract of use of the services rendered to the customer by Websitein accordance with the Rules.

1.2. The Customer must use their full and correct name on the Website and disclose any other requested truthful data.

1.3. The Website account is personal and only the account holder has the right to use it and log in to the account. Website is not responsible for a situation where a third party gains possession of the account and the account is abused. The Customer must keep their username and password and other login security elements confidential and make certain that they are not disclosed to other persons. The total amount of the bets made using the right security elements are debited from the Customer’s account. If the Customer has doubts about the security of its account in terms of the password of other security elements, the Customer must immediately inform KWO thereof.

1.4. The Customer must not make bets for other persons or via the accounts of other persons. KWO has the right to cancel bets made by third parties using the Customer’s account.

1.5. The Customer is liable for the correctness and validity of the personal data and contact details submitted to KWO (name, personal identification code, date of birth, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.). KWO may even request additional information from the Customer about the Customer’s account, the Customer’s credit card details, bank account, e-money account, etc., following the registration of the account in order to prevent their abuse.

1.6. Website’s Customer must be at least 21 years old to pay casino games of chance. If it becomes evident that the age of the person who opened the account does not comply with the Rules, the bets and winnings made by the person will be cancelled and the deposit made to the account will be returned (KWO may debit it with reasonable expenses) and the account will be closed.

1.7. KWO may refuse to register a new Customer for any reason. KWO does not have to explain its decision to the Customer.

1.8. Each Customer may have only one Website account. If, for the purposes of disregarding the Rules and/or evading the betting limits established in the portal, the Customer has used more than one account, KWO will have the right to cancel all bets exceeding the limit and reduce the betting limits available to the Customer. If the Customer repeatedly violates the Rules, the entire betting amount may be cancelled.

1.9. The holders of different Website accounts who belong to the same household and/or family are not allowed to make bets on the same object or use the same object in different combinations for the purpose of disregarding the Rules and/or exceeding the betting limits of Website.

1.10. KWO does not accept bets made if it is likely that the Customers are acting on the basis of a mutual agreement or as a syndicate. If KWO detects any such bets, it has the right to cancel them.

1.11. If the Customer is involved in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing or other unlawful activity in relation to their or third parties’ participation in any of the games available at KWO, or uses any software-assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices for their participation in any of such games, or violates the Rules in any other manner, KWO may reduce the Customer’s betting limits, suspend or close any account involved in such improper activities, confiscate the winnings, credit the deposit to the account (less the reasonable expenses) and/or cancel all bets (even if the results have become clear). Also, KWO reserves the right to use other legal remedies, including file a claim with a court against a Customer or Customers who behaved in such a manner, with the exercise of such rights being totally and solely within KWO discretion.

1.12. KWO provides its service as-is, without any explicit or implicit guarantees (incl. guarantees of the marketability of services, non-infringement of intellectual property rights or suitability for specific use). KWO precludes, to the maximum extent permitted in the country of operation, its liability for any loss (incl. direct or indirect loss of profit, economic loss, interruption of business, loss of information) and any direct, indirect, consequential or special losses, including, but not limited to, termination of contracts, loss of goodwill or reputation in connection with using KWO service or absence of the availability thereof, even if KWO has been informed of the possibility of occurrence of such losses. At any rate KWO maximum liability towards the Customer is limited to the average account balance of the Customer’s account over the last six months.

1.13. KWO is not liable for losses or damage caused to the Customer by Force majeure, power failure, labour dispute, any act or error or omission of the government or authorities, disturbance in telecommunications services (incl. the Internet) or networks, or any other delay or failure caused by any third party. Website is not liable for the failures of equipment or software located or administered in any place, regardless of whether it is under the direct control of Website or not, which may impede the use of the services, disturb betting or impede the Customer’s referral to Website.

1.14. KWO reserves the right to declare a bet void, partially or in full, if KWO, at its own discretion, deems it obvious that there was an error, mistake, misprint or technical error on the pay-table, odds or software.

1.15. The Customer understands and acknowledges that, if there is a malfunction in any of KWO games or their interoperability, any bets made during such malfunction are deemed void. Funds that a Customer obtains from a malfunctioning game are deemed void, as well as any subsequent game rounds with said funds, regardless of what KWO games are played using such funds.

1.16. The Customer herewith agrees that Website and its affiliates preserve data relating to the identity of the Customer, including, but not limited to, the Customer’s name, personal identification code and/or date of birth, place of residence and means of payment. The Customer agrees that, upon providing the Customer with services, Website will rely on such data and the Customer warrants and represents that it does not consider Website liable for the correctness or falseness of the data submitted by the Customer. By opening an account and thus submitting personal data to Website, the Customer consents to the use of the data byWebsite in connection with the provision of services. Website protects the privacy of the personal data of the Customer in accordance with the requirements of applicable data protection legislation. With regard to all data, all the required data encryption devices are strictly used to prevent unauthorised access thereto. A more detailed procedure for processing personal data has been set out in the document titled Security Policy, which is available to the Customer on the Website.

1.17. If Website closes the Customer’s account for any reason, the Customer’s only legal remedy is a claim of repayment of the Customer’s undisputed account balance, whereby Website does not have any other additional obligations towards the Customer and the Customer irrevocably and unconditionally waives the filing of any other additional claims against Website.

1.18. KWO is the owner or authorised user or licence holder of the Website and of the intellectual property rights of its contents, whereby the referred right includes any and all copyright, patents, registered layouts, trademarks, service marks, source codes, templates, graphics, specifications, logos, product designs or any other rights registered in Estonia or elsewhere in connection with the content, databases, formats, interfaces, programmes, provision of other customers with services, software or other aforementioned application, and amendments, improvements, developments and modifications thereto. Unless otherwise provided in the Rules, Website does not grant the Customer any direct or indirect rights relating to the intellectual ownership or confidential information kept in Website servers.

1.19. Notices and other communication sent to the postal address or e-mail address disclosed by the Customer to Website are considered as personally delivered as of the moment of sending, regardless of their actual receipt, if the Customer has not informedWebsite of their change of address in writing.

1.20. Customer agrees to receive offers and advertising information when registering an Account to regarding products and services to customers registered e-mailaddress. Customer can decline from receiving any such advertising information at any given time without any charges by sending an e-mail with such request to

1.21. All taxes, duties and fees applicable to any winnings at are the sole responsibility of the customer.

1.22. Our license does not apply to certain territories which are legally prohibited: USA, American Samoa, Guam, Hong Kong, Northern Mariana Islands, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, US Virgin Islands, Israel, Netherlands Antilles, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, France, Turkey, Spain, South Africa, Guadeloupe, Reunion, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia, French Southern Territories, St Pierre and Miquelon, Wallace and Futuna Islands, Cyprus, Micronesia, Saint Barthélemy, Great Britain, Vietnam, United States Minor Outlying, Islands, Iran, North Korea.

2. Additional control measures

2.1. In certain events, Website has the right to request the verification of the Customer’s identity and/or address of the place of residence, in order to fulfil its legal duties (including, but not limited to, for the purpose of prevention of money laundering and participation in gambling by minors).

2.2. Next, the documents accepted upon verification of the aforementioned have been listed:

  • a passport or an identity card;

  • driver’s licence.



2.3. along with one of the following:

  • a recent public utilities bill (e.g. heating bill that is not older than three months, mobile phone bills are unacceptable);

  • bankcard or credit card statement (no older than three months and covering a period of three months);

  • insurance policy of the place of residence.


2.4. If the Customer is asked to submit any of the aforementioned documents for the purpose of verifying the Customer’s identity, the documents to be submitted must, unless Website does not state otherwise, be certified copies and the photo of the passport or national identity document or driver’s licence must truly depict the Customer. The respective certification act must be performed by a notary public.

2.5. If the Customer fails to submit the documents within 30 days as of the receipt of the respective notice from WebsiteWebsite will have the right to confiscate the winnings on the Customer’s account, refund the deposit made to the account (less the reasonable expenses) and close the account.

2.6. Website will not pay out from the Customer’s account an amount exceeding two thousand euros (EUR 2000) before the Customer’s identity, age and place of residence have been exhaustively verified. If any transactions and/or acts refer to possible money laundering, Website will inform the competent authorities thereof.

2.7. Website will not pay out from the Customer’s account any amount that has been deposited but not used in gaming activity prior to withdrawal before the Customer’s identity, age and place of residence have been exhaustively verified. If any transactions and/or acts refer to possible money laundering, Website will inform the competent authorities thereof.

2.8. Website will not allow Customer to engage in gaming activity if a single deposit exceeds or a series of deposits, in a 24 hour period, are equivalent or exceed two thousand euros (EUR 2000), before the Customer’s identity, age and place of residence have been exhaustively verified. If any transactions and/or acts refer to possible money laundering, Website will inform the competent authorities thereof.

2.9. If no transaction has been made on the Customer’s account over a period of thirty months, Website will pay the account balance to the Customer. The Customer does not have the right to file a claim against Website regarding the account balance if Website has duly handed over the Customer’s account balance.

2.10. In the event of gambling addiction, the Customer may contact Website and request that the provision of the Customer with the service be terminated. At the Customer’s request, Website will block the account for the requested period or close it permanently. Website also applies a wager limit that the Customer can use for protecting themselves against a gambling addiction.

2.11. Website goal is to ensure the full protection of the Customer and their bets, but nevertheless there may be certain events that are beyond the control of WebsiteWebsitedoes its best to ensure that the Customer’s account balance is recorded in the gambling server. Also, Website does its best to ensure that if any connection is interrupted or becomes unusable, the status of the Customer’s credit recorded after making the last bet will be displayed once the Customer logs in the game again. At the same time, Website is not liable for possible losses caused by such technical failures. It is an event qualified as Force majeure. We also draw attention to the fact that by making new bets in such a situation, the Customer’s earlier bets are accepted as well. Website does not guarantee the refund or adjustment of the money. If the Customer finds that the result of a game is unfair or wrong, the Customer must communicate it immediately.

3. Interpretation and amendment of Rules

3.1. If any differences, confusion or misunderstandings become evident regarding the substance of the Rules, the Estonian version of the Rules will have supremacy.

3.2. The Customer’s duty is to make certain that their activities are in compliance with any laws in force in the jurisdiction where the Customer uses Website service. If the Customer lives in a state where remote gambling is prohibited, the Customer must not register itself in the portal or try to use the service of

3.3. Website reserves the right to unilaterally amend these Rules, including, but not limited to, for the purpose of prevention of fraud, clarification of the Rules or amendment of the competition rules by the organiser of a competition, communicating the amendments via the Website and giving the Customer a reasonable term for termination of the contract (at any rate no less than two weeks) if the Customer disagrees with the amendments. If the Customer does not terminate the contract within the term, it is deemed that the Customer has accepted the amendments.

3.4. If a provision of these Rules proves invalid, void or inapplicable due to a law, rule, regulation or judgment, it does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Rules.

4. Deposits and withdrawals

4.1. All payments to and from the Customer’s account are initiated by the Customer on the Customer account overview page located on the Website.

4.2. Payments to an account can be made only by a credit card, by a transfer from a bank account or using Internet money transfer services.

4.3. The Customer can make payments to their account, using a credit card, a bank account or Internet money transfer service registered only in their name.

4.4. In connection with transfers between the gaming accounts of different games, Website has the right to, without informing the Customer, manually adjust transactions that may be considered currency speculations.

4.5. It is not permitted to make a transfer from one account to another.

4.6. All the Customer’s winnings are transferred to their account. Payments from an account are made to the extent of the initial deposit in the same manner as the initial payment made by the Customer. For instance, if the deposit was made using a credit card, the amount equal to the initial amount will be transferred to the same credit card and the Customer can withdraw the remaining winnings in another manner, but only via their own bank account.

4.7. Payments are made from the Customer’s account only to a credit card of a bank account registered in their name. Upon making payments from the Customer’s account, Website has the right to demand the repeat submission of identity documents for the purpose of preventing fraud.

4.8. In order to avoid any unnecessary delays, the Customer must always submit full and truthful data.

4.9. Website has the right to establish withdrawal limits for different manners of payment. The Customer can access the respective information on the payments information page of the Website.

4.10. If the Customer wishes to withdraw from their account an amount smaller than the minimum limit, Website has the right to charge at its own discretion a service fee based on the manner of payment.

4.11. The Customer agrees that Website has the right to limit the number of free payments made to the Customer by Website over a certain period.

4.12. The Customer agrees that Website has the right to charge a service fee for payments made to bank accounts located outside the Baltic States. Information on service fees is published on the withdrawals page of the Website.

4.13. In addition to Website, credit and financial institutions may charge fees for inbound and withdrawals. The Customer must access their terms and conditions on their own.

4.14. Bets cannot be made on account on credit. If money is transferred to the Customer’s account due to a wrongly registered result, Website will have the right to debit the Customer’s account with the respective amount. If the account balance turns negative after the correction (i.e. the Customer has already used the money for making bets), the Customer must immediately repayWebsite for the amount received due to the mistake.

4.15. Website keeps the funds on the Customer’s account on respective bank accounts opened in its own name. Website is not required to pay any interest on such keeping.

5. Deposit details

5.1. A payment to an account can be made as follows:

  • via a bank link of SEB Pank;

  • using a credit card;

  • by a bank transfer.

using Internet money transfer services of Skrill; Neteller; PaySafeCard; Bitcoin


5.2. Payments can be made to a Customer only to their personal account. Deposits can be made only by using a credit card, bank account or Internet money transfer services registered in one’s own name. Customers who disregard this rule have their access to the system blocked and their account in the system closed.

5.3. Credit card

The Customer can make payments to their account using a credit card. Please note, that Israel, Norway, Turkey, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, North Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, UAE, Yemen, USA, Bulgaria, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Italy and Netherlands cards won’t be accepted.


5.4. Bank link of SEB Pank and Swedbank;

Website gives the customers of SEB Pank the chance to make payments to their account. To use the bank link, the Customer must have logged in to their account. The instructions can be found on the WebsiteWebsite does not charge any additional fee for a transfer.

5.5. The minimum deposit amount is EUR 10.

5.6. Internet money transfer services

Website gives the customers of Skrill; Neteller; PaySafeCard; Bitcoin the chance to make payments to their account. To use the Internet money transfer services, the Customer must have logged in to their account. The instructions can be found on the WebsiteWebsite does not charge any additional fee for a transfer.

5.7. Bank transfer
To make a bank transfer, the Customer must log in to their account. The instructions can be found on the Website.

5.8. Bank details required for a transfer:
Kingswin Online OÜ
Tartu mnt 50–10
Tallinn 10115
Currency: EUR
Bank: SEB
Account number: 10 220 089 090 018
IBAN: EE081010220089090018

5.9. A deposit made by a bank transfer will accrue to your account within 1–3 business days. Domestic (Estonian) bank transfers are free of charge for our Customers.

5.10. Upon making a transfer, you must certainly indicate your user identity or username in the payment order.

5.11. Estcasino performs checks of all fund transactions made by Customers so as to prevent money laundering. If a Customers becomes aware of any suspicious activity related to any of the KWO games on the Website, he/she must report this to KWO immediately. Estcasino may suspend, block or close a Customer’s account and withhold funds if requested to do so in accordance with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. Also, Estcasino may perform enhanced due diligence in respect of withdrawals of funds not used for wagering.

5.12. Estcasino reserves the right to apply a x1 (one time) or bigger wagering requirement to the amount of funds deposited whenever a depositing user is suspected in using KWO services as a mixer. You are hereby notified that it is strictly forbidden to use Estcasino services for any other purpose than entertainment.

Various gambling activities at KWO count differently towards the bonus wagering requirements:
- Slots: 100% contribution to wagering requirements
- Video poker: 10% contribution to wagering requirements
- Table games: 10% contribution to wagering requirement


6. Withdrawal information

6.1. Withdrawals from an account can be made by a Customer to their bank account.

6.2. If you want to make a payment from your account, you must log in using your username and password. Withdrawals can be made on the Outbound-payments sub-pageof Website. First, insert your bank details to bind your bank account to your account. Next, insert the amount to be paid and make the payment. Your previous payment data has been recorded and is displayed automatically.

6.3. You must take into account that all withdrawals pass Website’s security check and may therefore be late from time to time. In such an event our customer support may contact you further when performing an additional data check.

6.4. Withdrawals to a bank account
Website will attend to your withdrawal immediately after you have registered it. All bank transfers are treated as ordinary bank transfers and sent to banks once a business day.

6.5. All withdrawals to Estonian bank accounts are free of charge. Withdrawals to International bank accounts are charged according to fees applied by SEB Pank of Estonia

6.6. Please note that EUR 20 is the minimum amount of a withdrawal.

6.7. Please note that the maximum withdrawal amount is EUR 5,000 per month.


7. Bonus terms

7.1. From time to time, Website makes bonus offers to the Customer in relation to the service provided by Website. The Customer can refuse such offers at any time by informing Websiteby contacting customer support.

7.2. Offers sent by Website to a Customer by e-mail are personal and apply only to the specific Customer, unless indicated otherwise.

7.3. The bonus of any Website service is applicable to the Customer’s account, household personal computer, IP address and other placed with a personal computer used by multiple persons (e.g. office, library, university, etc.) only once.

7.4. All winnings arising from the bonus are associated only with the bonuses and the winnings arising from them are not paid out before all the terms and conditions of the bonus have been fulfilled.

7.5. Unless otherwise indicated in the terms and conditions of a specific bonus campaign, the Customer’s deposit amount must be bet first and only thereafter the bonus amount can be bet. If the Customer fails to fulfil the wagering condition within the time stated in the respective bonus rules as of the receipt of the bonus, Website reserves the right to withdraw the bonus amount paid to the Customer from the account (incl. winnings obtained at the expense of the respective bonus).

7.6. If the Customer wants to have their bonus cancelled, the Customer must contact customer support before using the bonus amount for wagering. In case customer has started to use the bonus amount for wagering, then customer must fulfil the bonus campaign rules.

7.7. Website reserves the right to cancel any bonus and/or winnings obtained by fraud, incl. Website has the right to refuse to make a payment to the Customer if there is a suspicion that the Customer has abused a bonus offer.

7.8. If the Rules or the terms and conditions of the bonus offer have been violated or if there is proof that the Customer or a group of Customers has made a number of bets that, owing to bonuses, increased chances of winning, free bets or other offers, ensure the Customer (incl. individually or as a member of the group) makes a profit regardless of the results, Website will have the right to cancel the bonus part of the offer and resolve the bets with the right coefficients or cancel the free bets and the bets made at the expense of the bonus. Website also reserves the right to use other legal remedies, including file a claim with a court against a Customer or Customers who committed such breach.

7.9. Unless otherwise indicated in the terms and conditions of the specific bonus campaigns, the following terms and conditions required for collecting the bonus must be fulfilled:

7.10. The bonus and one’s deposit must be wagered at least certain number of times that is mentioned in the respective bonus terms and conditions before the bonus, deposit and winnings can be paid out or transferred to another product account.

7.11. Please note that different casino games influence the playing rule with different percentages.

7.12. A bonus expires after certain number of days from their receipt that is mentioned in the respective bonus terms and conditions.

7.13. A bonus is not paid out to a closed account.

7.14. Please note that different games contribute a different percentage towards the wagering requirements:
Slots: 100% contribution to wagering requirements
Video poker: 10% contribution to wagering requirements
Table games: 10% contribution to wagering requirements

7.15. Players cannot bet more than 10% of the initially awarded bonus amount in a single bet or game round on any of the casino games for the duration of the bonus wagering, otherwise the bonus and all associated winnings may be voided.

(5% for residents of Denmark, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany and Netherlands)


8. Settlement of Customer complaints

All complaints and claims must be submitted to Website within 14 days after the start of the game. Later complaints will be disregarded.

Complaints and claims must be sent to Customer complaints sent to Website are resolved within a reasonable term, but not later than within two weeks. The Customer is informed by e-mail.

9. Responsible playing

9.1. Website aims at providing its Customers with entertainment via a secure gaming environment. To achieve the goal, the site is equipped with all necessary facilities ensuring that users can play responsibly (setting wager limits, self-exclusion, identification of dependency issues, and parental control).

9.2. Website takes juvenile gambling issues very seriously and is aware of its responsibilities in that field. Players below the age of 21 are by law prohibited from making bets on our site. In case of suspicion we carry out a process of electronic identification of the age of our players and our Customers must prove their identity. Website reserves the right to report directly to the police about every juvenile player and confiscate the winnings on their account.

9.3. A player can set the loss limit on Website and determine the maximum amount that a he/she is ready to lose as a result of gambling within a week or a month. Each player can reduce the maximum rate and the change becomes effective immediately. The website will not raise the upper limit if the player has not confirmed the respective request at least within 48 hours after submitting the request, otherwise the limit will be increased only after 7 days. For further information contact Website customer support at

9.4. A full history of transactions, deposits and withdrawals is available to the Customer under their profile information. The Customer has to be logged in to see it. The Customer can view their account balance.

9.5. If a player feels that gambling is a problem for them, they can have themselves banned via the Estonian Tax and Customs Board (EMTA) in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

9.6. Website is aware that gambling operator can’t allow to gamble persons who are on the gambling restriction list. Restriction application can be made by customer through Estonian Tax and Customs board service place, gambling operator or via e-Tax/e-Customs ( Restriction can be set by customer in e-Tax/e-Customs by clicking “Other services” -> “Gambling restrictions”. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the photo page of an identity document, on the basis of which the person can be identified. The recipient of the application must verify the identity of the applicant and the absence of a ban on playing games of chance. A person is included in the list on the basis of their written application and an identity document for 6-36 months. Once submitted, an application cannot be withdrawn or amended. The term specified in the application cannot be shortened or extended.

9.7. For as long as such a gambling ban has been imposed, the service provided by Website cannot be used.

9.8. Website strongly advises the player to remember the following information:
a) gambling is entertainment, not an opportunity to earn money;
b) gambling for the purpose of quickly earning back lost money is dangerous;
c) gamble only for a sum the loss of which does not adversely affect your quality of life;
d) keep track of how much time and money you spend on gambling;
e) seize the opportunity of self-exclusion if you feel that you have to have a pause in gambling;
f) if you feel that you suffer from a gambling addiction or you see that you are developing one, please contact the local gambling addicts support centre.

9.9. Gambling and betting is pleasant entertainment, but it may prove hazardous for some. Gambling may take a lot of time and it may also prove expensive and clearly disturb the daily rhythm of the player. If you or your family member may have a gambling addiction, consult a professional advisor.

The number of the gambler hotline: 15410.

Gambler hotline 15410 is an information and counselling hotline for gambling addicts and the people closest to them and it is available in Estonian and Russian. If you have any questions concerning a gambling addition or the treatment or rehabilitation thereof, call the aforementioned number.

Phone: +3726825243

10. Rules of slot video games is a Website specialised in video games of the slot type. Via you can play over 300 different slot video games that all have the same rules as set out below. The names of specific games and the total amount of payments made to the players on average as a result of the game have been set out in the annex to the Rules.
Slot games are the most popular games in the casino. These games are considered the most exciting, because they have bonus rounds, very rich graphics and large winnings can be received in them with a small bet. Slot games are not complicated strategy games. A player puts the lines spinning and waits for the result of whether they will win or not. The principle of the game is always the same — some games simply have more lines that the player can choose at their discretion. The number of lines depends on the type of the game. The type of the game is indicated on the site of the video game.

What are the bets?
The bets of a gambling machine can be selected using the Bet one or Bet max button. If you click on the Bet max button, a game with the maximum possible bet will be started.

What are the winnings?
Only the winnings corresponding to the winning combinations and their payout table available on the video game page are paid out.

What is double-or-nothing?

The doubling of the winnings means an additional risk that may result in double winnings or the loss of the entirety of the winnings. To double the game, the options offered by the video game must be observed. To double the winnings, the player must choose between two cards — one is red and the other is black — if the player guesses the right card, the winnings are doubled, and if not, the winnings are lost. If the player does not wish to double the winnings, the player must click on the Collect button and returns to the normal status of the game. It is also important to double the winnings by clicking on the Double or Half double button.

Double — full bet.
Half double — half the bet.

If the game offers the chance to double the winnings, the player must choose whether to increase the winnings or not. If the player wants to increase the winnings, the machine will deal five new cards. The first of the cards, i.e. the dealer card, is open, while the rest are closed. The player’s duty is to blindly find the highest card from among the four remaining cards dealt by the dealer. If the player succeeds, the player has won and increased their winnings. If the player’s card is weaker than that of the dealer, the entirety of the winnings are lost. The player can continue increasing their winnings as long as the player dares. If the winnings are sufficient and the player does not want to continue, the player must click on the Collect button and the winnings will be added to the existing credit.

3-Reel Slots — the most common video game that has three rolls and one line. According to the table of winnings, the player wins or loses their bet. The player can play with up to three virtual coins. Some 3-reel slot games have bonus games, which means that in the event of a certain combination of symbols the player is taken to a window with a completely different view and there the player can win higher amounts.

Video Slots — a standard video game with 3 rows and 5 lines — this game has 15 symbols in total. If the player gets three or more analogous symbols, it means that they have won. The winnings are paid out from the left to the right, i.e. three analogous symbols in the first three rolls means a win, but three analogous symbols on the last three rows does not mean a win.

3-Line and 5-Line Slot Machines — a video game that allows for playing on three and five lines.

Multiline Slots — allows for playing on more lines than five.

3-Row and 5-Row Multispin Slots — a video game with three and five rolls. After the first game, 1–3 symbols analogous to the first row can be chosen for all the subsequent rolls for the second game.

What is a line?

A video slot game may have many different lines for winning. Lines 1–3 are triple-row lines. Line 4 may be a sequence of symbols in a diagonal where the symbol of the first row of the first roll, the symbol of the second row of the second roll, the symbol of the third row of the third roll, the symbol of the second row of the fourth roll and the first symbol of the fifth row mean a win. There are 243 lines in total, but very rarely more than 25 lines are available. A player can choose the first line of the 25th line and any line between the first and the 25th lines can be chosen. Each line has a separate win, i.e. by betting on all 25 lines separately, the bet is 25 times higher than a bet with one line. For the purpose of giving a clearer overview to the player, the line sequence is usually separated by a line over different symbols.

Descriptions of slot video game buttons:

- Info - Opens a page where the components of the game are described.
- Auto Start/Stop - Starts the number of consecutive games determined by the player, stops the consecutive games.
- “+” and “–” buttons - Increases or reduces the number of consecutive games.
- Lines - Activates one game line (mostly marked with a graphic line so the player can more easily understand the location of the sequence of symbols).
- Bet Per Line - Adds a bet to the game line.
- Bet Max - Activates all game lines with the maximum bet, starts the game once clicked.
- Spin - Starts the game.
- Hold - Marks the card that will remain on the screen during the next dealing. In the second instance loses the marking and in the subsequent instance a new card is dealt instead of the card.
- Deal - Starts the game.
- Double - Possibility to double the bet.
- Half Double - Possibility to win a half of the winnings.
- Gamble - Possibility to double the winnings.
- Bet one - The bet can be raised by a unit.
- Play five - Launching five consecutive games.
- All lines - Activation of all lines.
- Clear - Clearing the fields.